Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holy Cow - Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP

2nd album of this experimental goth band from New England. Got this one in a trade with Fritz Die Spinne. And I'm very happy to discover this band.
Holy Cow are a league on their own. You can hear influences of Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes as well as Swans or more industrial outfits.
2nd side 'Apocalypse Cow' of the album is a live recording from 1987 at the Living Room in Providence, RI. '39 Lashes' taken from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
1st side 'Suggested Reading' are songs inspired by short stories:
'Blue Bottle Boy' by 'The Fly' by Arthur Porges
'Rep Fuck' by Stephen King's 'Granma'
'If I Laugh...' by Cornell Woolrich's 'The Screaming Laugh'
'Island' by Stephen King's 'Survivor Type'
Brenna is a short coda and ripped as one track with 'Island'.

Holy Cow on MySpace

Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP (Head Chunk Records-30/60-02 -1988)
1. Blue Bottle Boy
2. Rep Fuck
3. If I Laugh...
4. Island
5. Brenna
6. Kingly's Hunt
7. God/39 Lashes
8. Isolation
9. Ultimate Head

Holy Cow


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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for running this blog. I love all the wonderful tunes you keep digging up.

Do you have anything by a group called "34 Vampires"? They have a self-titled debut on Nosferatu Productions but I can't find it anywhere.

Keep up the great work!

Vanilla Face said...

Hello Curious Guy. I love your blog. I see you have included my blog on your list. Thank you for doing so, I will try to return the favor soon once I compile a list of blogs I visit often. I have updated the name of my blog from "Nuggetus Crispus" to just "Crispy Nuggets", if you wouldn't mind editing that for me.
All the best,

Unknown said...

I was searching something about this band
I knew this band around one year ago, but it's very dificult to find it.

Thanks for the music that you share

And I hope that you can upload the CAssette of "34 Vempires" that the anonimous said XD.

Curious Guy said...

Sorry can't help you with 34 Vampires.

Fritz die Spinne said...

WOndered if you were going to post this. What a great LP. It took me until 1992, after hearing of the band for years, to finally see and hear what the hubbub was all about.

deadangryjerk said...
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deadangryjerk said...

Sweet. Again Curious Guy you've saved me. This LP was on my list albums I waste hours searching for online that. Maybe you help me some of my recent ones. Holy Cow "Purge", The Hags "Project 1986", American Gothic compilation, Scream compilation, and last but not least the rare unknown patrick mata disco album. I own the pat 7 inch and the hags lp, problem is I don't own a record player so I haven't heard either.

new wave crossover said...

thank you' for this one'' i never knew that this blog has' all the obscure'stuff'thanks again' what a great blog'

Flogisto said...

Coincido con Deadangryjerk en mi lista de imposibles con el álbum "Purge", una rara delicia.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Purge is still easily found for sale. 3 on eBay, UK, and preview their sound here:

I have a tape demo from 1998, which expanded into the Purge CD. The mix is a litle different than the CD. Likewise, their "Soul Box" CD features slightly different mixes of a few songs that were on the LPs, as well as some new songs.

Holy Cow also released two 7" singles. One track from 1984 makes it onto a compilation LP, Nobody Gets on the Guest List.

Alex said...

Hello Curious Guy, got something on your want list, but don't know how to contribute, please mail me at
THX for this goldmine !

new wave crossover said...

hello'curious guy' do you have any by' les maitres' thanks''

Curious Guy said...

Alex, I'll mail you ASAP.
NWC, sorry but I don't have any Les Maîtres. There exists a tape on VISA. Will add you on my blogroll.

Branko said...

Holy crap this is good.
Sounds violent!

Pisŧöff said...

I just posted the Throbbing Lobster comp here:


Fritz die Spinne said...

Thanks for posting Throbbing Lobster comp PV. My turntable's are in storage along with my vinyl.

Anonymous said...

any chance for re-up?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

link is dead, re-up please? thanks

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!