Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Atom Spies - And Their Treacherous Pop On Microdot 12"

November is Cake month, the label that also brought us some nice stuff of Pigbros.
Here's the first one and one of the most hard-to-find too. Can't find a lot of info on them but you can watch some good live stuff on youtube if you care. Too bad this is their only release.

And Their Treacherous Pop On Microdot 12" (Cake Records-12 SLICE 3-1987)
1. And Now The Adverts
2. 3000 Hours
3. Aliens In Your Wardrobe

The Atom Spies


Holly said...

Thank you very much! aliens in the wardrobe indeed!

Rem said...

Good music, bad that it is never enough.
thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Hooked on this now. :)

keefurban said...

Steve chandrasonic from asian dub foundation in the early days with the atom spies,classic days.