Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bomb Party - Fish LP

Here's the third album of The Bomb Party, kindly donated by Phil Long again.
Nothing to add as I've posted some stuff of The Bomb Party before (check them out).
'Fish' was released on a German label, Normal Records. The CD version has an extra track 'Nobody's'. This is the vinyl version.

Fish LP (Normal Records-Normal 103-1988)
1. Praise The Lord
2. LSD
3. Some Bodies
4. Venus In Dirt
5. The Last Waltz
6. Do The Right Thing
7. Theme From God Bless America
8. Mephistopheles (A Million Worth Of Pillion)
9. Shakespeare
10. Why Don't We Talk?
11. Love At Any Price
12. The Only Rule (There Is No Rule)
13. Car Crash (On The Highway Of Love)



the Black Purl said...

Cheers! The last two posted Bomb Party albums are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

link is dead

Curious Guy said...

New links for The Bomb Party albums. Enjoy!

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Romi Orchids said...

Thanks for this one too.

Anonymous said...

Link is dead!

Curious Guy said...

New link!