Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Toilets - Boxjunction 7"

bX-59cppw offers me the first and also rarest release of The Toilets/Toylets. One of the great Top Hole bands like Qua Dance or The Visitor. I posted the Toylets album before and maybe the 2nd 7" will follow soon. Great new wave, a bit like The Cure but much rawer.
Discogs states that the 1st song was made by Subsequent Pleasure, an alter ego of The Toilets. Don't know what the reason could be.
There's only one track that I still didn't hear that appears on a comp. flexi, also release on Top Hole that came with 'Het Bestaan' zine.

Boxjunction 7" (Top Hole-TH 003-1980)
1. Boxjunction
2. Life At The 12th

Boxjunction - 320

Boxjunction - FLAC


Anonymous said...

just few years ago i thought i know everything about dark 80s. and than i discovered your (and many other similar) blogs.. well i just wanted to say THANK YOU for all those wonderful dark music you have posted on your blog!!! god bless internet!:-)
greetings from germany

...and sorry for my poor english

433 RPM said...

that second 7" is perhaps the one i posted? its not as good as the lp, i must say, which is really great album. you can still download that 7" and several other great dutch ones here:

Anonymous said...

Magnifique!!! Just more than fifteen years before The Essence, another true clone of our beloved Cure (period Primary/Boys don't cry)from the Netherlands ! Really enjoyable - and now you guys don't try to sell it as smithians unrealeased songs,now we all know ! Many Thanx Curious Guy,

Holly said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello "curious guy". i just wanted to thank you for all your post. Your collection is a wonderful present for all the people like me who are real fan of post-punk music.

Haute Cinema said...

Love this band with its 'cure-esque' sound. greetings from Venezuela. Love your blog.

Curious Guy said...

New links for the Boxjunction 7" of The Toilets. FLAC rip included!

Curious Guy said...

New link (FLAC). Enjoy!