Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gothic Girls Update

I've put up a new link for the Gothic Girls. Fresh rip btw, now bitrate 320. Maybe I'll re-rip some older stuff that was ripped at 192. I did this because bandwidth was pretty limited back then.
Also, you can't find Gothic Girls when using the search button so here's a direct link:


I think a lot of the older posts have invalid links. Please let me know.
Also everything of Party Day can be found here but nothing shows up when using the search function. Very odd!


Anonymous said...

The search bars are very meticulous.

Luca said...

Hey know this is a longshot but do you have stranger still's survivor? I have the first track, just looking for the other one

Curious Guy said...

Still looking to hear that 7" as well (it's on my wantlist). It goes for way too much money if a copy shows up on ebay.

Luca said...

Well I uploaded the first song anyway, if you don't have it here:

Its actually quite good, so I am quite curious to listen to the other track Survivor, tracked someone down who has the track but says he won't share due to "sentimental value"

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Luca, it sounds very good indeed. Would like to hear the other song as well.