Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Three Clouds In The Sky - A Long Forgotten Day 12"

Another Dutch obscurity here, more precisely from Deventer. Five songs of postpunk wave with a small budget production.The only thing I know of Three Clouds In The Sky is that the band had ex-members of punk band Alerta. You can listen to some tracks of the Alerta album "In The Land Of A Thousand Pretty Dreams" on Eet U Smakelijk. There's also a split 12" with The EX released on Leeds label CNT.
"A Long Forgotten Day" was recorded in Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf and produced by Dolf.

Update! The Alerta/The Ex split 12" can be found on Old Punks Never Die.

A Long Forgotten Day 12" (Self Released-LEPT 333-1985)
1. A Pretty Picture
2. The Song Of Singing Violins
3. Ned Larkin's Eyes
4. Pheona
5. A Veil Of Haze

Three Clouds In The Sky


Anonymous said...

three clouds in the sky later became the nightblooms, who released several records on UK labels

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album...just heard it and every song is adorable. Thanks for this and also The Underlings singles 12''s...Outstanding !


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info Klaazz. Seems they went for a shoegaze sound with The Nightblooms.
Thanks for the appreciation Cris.

Anonymous said...

I uploaded the Ex / Alerta 12" a little while back, feel free to help yourself if you haven't already ;)

45 Revolutions said...

In Three Clouds, only Ton (gtr) had been in Alerta (where he'd played bass), although Harry (Alerta's guitarist) was one of the producers, and one of the lyrics was written by Albert, Alerta's singer.

After Three Clouds, Esther (vocals), Petra (bass)and Leon (drums) teamed up with Harry as guitarist in The Nightblooms. To call them a shoegazing band doesn't really do it: only the "Crystal Eyes" single really fits that bill and, although the 1st LP might've been a borderline case (if you abandon totally the idea of multi-layered guitars and effects being a shoegaze trait: on the Nightblooms debut LP there is only one guitar, no effects and no overdubs!), the second LP is certainly more like Queen than Chapterhouse.


Curious Guy said...

Durutti, thanks for the Ex/Alerta post.
Thanks for the extra info Steve. Btw, bought this one a while ago from your mailorder ;)

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TheBossInTheWall said...

Went to the link and was informed: Deleted or invalid file

Curious Guy said...

New link for Three Clouds In The Sky. Enjoy!

mr.peksujeff said...

can you please upload this one?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!