Friday, December 21, 2007

UV Pop - Bendy Baby Man LP / Serious 12"

Thanks alot to Eleni from Greece for donating these rare records.
UV Pop is actually the alter ego of John K. White. Before UV Pop he was in The I Scream Brothers who have a few cuts on compilations.
The first UV Pop release is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' 7" on PAX, one of the rarest of his releases. Next is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' LP on UK experimental label Flowmotion (Konstruktivits, Metamorphosis,...). This album gave UV Pop a cult status. This album was also issued in Belgium on Konnexion. Also on Flowmotion appeared the 'Anyone To Me' 7"/12".
The 'Bendy Baby Man' is the second full length of UV Pop, who became a full band now. This one was released on his own Extra Records label. On this label came also the very last release 'Music To Yeah To' 12".
The 'Serious' 12" was released on Native Records and offers two different versions of the track that appears on the 'Bendy Baby Man' LP.
This is really good stuff but unfortunately very rare or way too expensive to get my hands on. UV Pop have a cult following, so maybe it's time for some reissues.
Get more info on UV Pop on this German fansite.
Anyone who could provide more UV Pop releases, please do not hesitate to do so.
Ripped at bitrate 256 including scans of front and back sleeve. Thanks Eleni!

Bendy Baby Man LP (Extra Records-EXTRA LP 1-1986)
1. Music To Yeah To
2. Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
3. No Songs Tomorrow
4. Feels Like Winter
5. Turkey Bones
6. Dots
7. Serious
8. Ghost In My House
9. Astronaught
10. Zuitar

link removed: now on Bandcamp .

Serious 12" (Native Records-NTV 4-1986)
1. Serious
2. 'Oh' June
3. Idea
4. Serious

link removed: now on Bandcamp.


Unknown said...

hi phoenix, thanx for posting this !!!
actually I have "no songs tomorrow
on lp" but i don't know anybody
with a record player,
also would you be interested
in rips of the rare clock dva 12"
passion still aflame and high holy disco mass, sorry no artwork, just the music, where in belgium are you located, do you happen to live in kortrijk :-) ?

Curious Guy said...

You should thank Eleni!
Ik woon niet ver van Gent, dus ook niet echt ver van Kortrijk. Misschien moeten we es afspreken? (heretix99(at)hotmail(dot)om)

Anonymous said...

Well... well...
Some jewels you giving us all Phoenix (and Eleni of course :-)
Thanxs a lot and keep up the "holy job" !!

Anonymous said...

yep big thanks to Eleni and CG.

thank you very much.

Weird Cheese said...

Thx a lot for posting this great record! I didn't know the band.

It sounds like The Smiths (the guitar!) and the voice reminds me of Micheal Stipe.

Anonymous said...

very great!
Do you also have the 12" 'anyone for me'??

Anonymous said...

No Songs Tomorrow
VBR mp3 + covers

ginz77 said...

Hello Phoenix/Curious Guy and Thank You very much for these UV Pop posts, I've so much appreciated!! They are GREAT and so Rare!

At this purpose, You meant in Your post that the shared releases haves their own covers, but that's not...

Googling the Web I found some covers, but nothing about the scans of the EP Serious. Would You like/You can send them to my mail-box, please? ginzbrettion >< (replace " >< " with "at" of course)

Thank You very much.

Anonymous said...

UV Pop - Serious - front:

UV Pop - Serious - back:

Anonymous said...

Sorry,here's the back:

Anonymous said...

Thank you curious Guy and Eleni for these. I was totally unaware of this band until I found them here. The link for the album works fine, but the 'Serious' 12" link seems to have died. Could you possibly post a new link? I am sooo impressed by your blog that I cannot find the words to do my appreciation justice. Thank you, so much! PS. I saw your entry re. your dog, Big Ears. So poignant; it had made me think of the mortality of our Dalmation 'Peig' who is now over 12 years old. Respect, Mike (Ireland).

Curious Guy said...

Hello Mike and thanks a lot for the appreciation.
I'll re-up tomorrow or this weekend if that's OK for you. Don't have much time now.
Enjoy the tunes and love your dog! (btw, there's a new one in the house already for 2 years. Also from the animal shelter).

Curious Guy said...

New link is up Mike. Enjoy!

uv pop said...

It's great to see people are interested in our old stuff and we're very pleased to hear all of your nice comments.
I will try and answer some of your queries here- if that's ok-
First of all though- the album- No songs Tomorow is just being re-released- on vinyl and CD in the states but should be available as a download shortly after- no release dates yet as it's still being digitized even as I type.
There's a new ep out- with 3 new tracks and a contemporary version of Serious- this will be available on i-tunes shortly.
So on to your questions- We have the 12" version of Anyone for me- as far as I can see it's not available anywhere yet- but if you e-mail us at- I am sure something can be sorted out.
You seem to have the Serious front/back images sorted but we have a FB and myspace site- with all our artwork up- or being uploaded soon.
We reformed the band and are currently performing gigs around England- the first album though is going to be performed by just John White (Vox Gtrs),Fiona Sergison (b/vox) and Tony Nicholson (on keys and bass). For a limited time to commemorate the re-launch.
Any queries direct them to our myspace site or e-mail John at the e-mail adress given above.

our myspace adress-
Once again- thanks for your interest and all your kind words.
cheers.. uv pop

Curious Guy said...

Hello John, thanks for the comment. I'm in contact with the person doing the reissue. Looking forward to it! UV Pop originals go for way too much money these days. When the reissue is out, I'll make an entry here to promote it.

uv pop said...

The news is that we're on line- live on Friday night (1st Oct 2010)and we'll be playing accoustic versions of songs, talking about what we're up to and playing tracks from our back catalogue and favourite artists.
The link is here-

uv pop said...

If anyone is interested- a CD compilation of obscure UV POP tracks is being put together.
Some stuff that was never released, some stuff that was but is hard to get.
If anyone is interested- we're inviting suggestions for tracks - just post your suggestions or if you just want details of when, where and how much, here-
Thanks for your interest guys

Tony (UV POP)