Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Third Circle - Cash Crop 12"

Third and last release of Third Circle.
There was a line-up change with this one and Third Circle went for a harder sound.
There were plans for a full album but it seems that this one never got released.
My copy is a promo pressing with white labels so I had to get the titles from somewhere else. If there should be a mistake, please let me know.

Cash Crop 12" (ROUSKA-PROFANE 63-1988)
1. Cash Crop
2. Cash Farming
3. Kola

Cash Crop


Average White Dad said...

I've got this 12". Your titles are correct.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Jon.

Anonymous said...

help me...

violent femmes?¿

Curious Guy said...

Sorry can't help you. Don't know Violent Femmes too well but I guess it's not them.

Anonymous said...
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Curious Guy said...

Jeffrey, will contact you ASAP!!