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V/A Northern Lights Playhouse LP

Thanks alot to Julle for letting me post this comp. of Icelandic artists.
'Northern Lights Playhouse' was released in 1981 on Fálkinn in co-operation with Rough Trade to introduce the rest of the world of what was happening in Iceland.
Þeyr is the first band and one of the more wellknown ones. Both tracks are from the 'Life Transmission' 7".
Purrkur Pillnikk is also one of the better known bands. All tracks are from their 1st 7". They weren't around for a long time but managed to release 'Tilf' 7", 'Ehgjl En:' LP and Googooplex' 2x12", 'No Time To Think' 7" as well as a posthumous live album.
Fræbbblarnir is a punk band strongly influenced by The Clash, The Stranglers,... and released quite some records back in the day. They reformed and are still playing.
The other bands I know nothing about. But I found some Wikipedia entries:

Purrkur Pillnikk
Taugadeildin (Icelandic only)
Bubbi Morthens (member of Utangarðsmenn)

V/A Northern Lights Playhouse LP (Fálkinn-F1-1981)
1. Þeyr - Life Transmission
2. Þeyr - Heima Er Best
3. Utangarsðmenn - It's Easy
4. Utangarsðmenn - Where Are The Bodies
5. Taugadeildin - Her Longing
6. Purrkur Pillnikk - Tíminn
7. Purrkur Pillnikk - Slöggur
8. Purrkur Pillnikk - Læknir
9. Purrkur Pillnikk - Gleði
10. Purrkur Pillnikk - Andlit
11. Purrkur Pillnikk - Tilfinning
12. Purrkur Pillnikk - Þreyta
13. Purrkur Pillnikk - Grunsamlegt
14. Purrkur Pillnikk - Ást
15. Purrkur Pillnikk - John Merrick
16. Fræbbblarnir - Rebellion Of The Dwarfs
17. Fræbbblarnir - No Friends
18. Fræbbblarnir - It May Be Quoted
19. Megas - Paradísarfuglinn

Northern Lights Playhouse


Weird Cheese said...


... also check out:

Very cool page with informations about several punk and wave bands from iceland.

Albin said...

cool stuff although i think i have all the orginials. by the way i have vonbrigdis first 7" on mp3 if youre interested.

Pogel said...

Muchas gracias amigo. As you probably already know I have a Peyr LP over on my site.

Anonymous said...

A nice companion to the later compilation "Geyser - Anthology of the Icelandic Independent Music Scene of the Eighties"