Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Committee - Open Your Eyes 12"

Actually the full title is 'Open Your Eyes And Other Ways Of Saying No'.
Heard The Committee for the first time on the great 'Communicate!' comp. with live recordings of bands that played at the Thames Poly in 1984-85.
This is the sole release of the band. One of the early releases on the still going Fire Records.
Can't find any info but if you're into The Three Johns, you'll probably like this one too.

Open Your Eyes 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 4-1985)
1. Open Your Eyes
2. News From Nowhere
3. The Day Before
4. Fight The Good Fight

The Committee


tristan.koreya said...

if you're still looking fot it, here's a rip of "Le Cimetière Des Passions" french comp LP:

Curious Guy said...

Thanks alot tristan.koreya. Really appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Got any more info on this band? I am trying to find the album that has "Ring the Bell" in it but it is impossible to find any information about these guys.