Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Elephant Talk 7" / Flowers Of The Past 7"

Here's 2 lesser known goth punk acts. You can say that both bands were influenced by UK Decay.
It seems some members of Elephant Talk are in a retro '77 punk band these days but I can't remember the band name.
About the Flowers Of The Past title track: the correct spelling of 'Fuhrer' should be 'Führer'.
We just welcomed a kitten in our home but this little creature drives me nuts!

Elephant Talk - Ask 7" (Fragile-FRA 1-1983)
1. Ask
2. Burning Halo

Elephant Talk

Flowers Of The Past - The Fuhrer 7" (Memorial Records-MEM 1-1983)
1. Fuhrer
2. Medieval

Flowers Of The Past


Vlanik Ro said...

They're both excellent! Thanks, Curious Guy!

Nish said...

Something I think you requested on my blog.

Highlander said...

Thanks for these - esp the Elephant Talk single.

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!

Jesse Oor said...

I'm desperate to get a hold of Elephant Talk EP, but it seems I've arrived too late, face to face with an inactive, dead link. If anyone doesn't mind to take the time out, it'd be cool to get a new link updated. If not, thanks for posting/sharing to the people fortunate enough to of got to it before me :)

Curious Guy said...

No worries Jesse. New link is up. Enjoy!