Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Neon Rome - New Heroin LP

I think this album was requested some time ago by Roman Empire. Finally found a copy as it doesn't turn up for sale alot.
A Neon Rome was from Toronto, Canada and existed from 1984 to 1987.
First I didn't have any info but a biography can be found on Punk History Canada.
An interesting fact is that their sound was inspired by playing a record of Psychic TV on the wrong speed. Also the band didn't have real songs so most of the tracks on this album were jams.
There is a second album recorded 'All The Children Are In' but I guess this was never released.
Singer Neal became disillusioned with all the success and took a vow of silence.
The 'New Heroin' album was released in Canada on Fringe Product but my copy is the French pressing on New Rose.

A Neon Rome on MySpace

New Heroin LP (New Rose-ROSE 111-1987)
1. Windowsill
2. The Magical Summer Of '85
3. You Should Fear Us
4. Society Rag
5. Islam
6. The Prayer
7. Cums A Wolf

A Neon Rome (new link)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Let me be the first to say thank you. To be honest, I already forgot about my request since i thought this record is so unknown that nobody is going to find it anyways.

Thank you so much and please keep on keepin' on!

I love this blog!

P said...

¿Qué es la inspiración? ¿Existe? ¿Tiene algo que ver con la Infinita Paciencia? ¿Why am I really here? ¿Quién es usted? ¿Puedo meterme en su vida?

Le père Duchesne said...

I'm french, I've been looking for this album for so many years, I had it on a tape with a rotten sound since 1987 or 1988, and I couldn't find it anywhere, not on eBay, not on vinyles sellers, nowhere really... so that's the most beautiful gift for this whole year !!!

Many many thanks !

rick mcginnis said...

"Singer Neal became disillusioned with all the success and took a vow of silence."

I'm from Toronto, and I knew these guys, and if you're under the impression that they were succesful in any meaningful sense of the word, then I'm Lee Trevino.

Nice to see this album again, though.

Curious Guy said...

Rick,first had to check who Lee Trevino is! I'm not a golf specialist.
Just took some parts of the Punk Canada site. Maybe attention instead of success would be more appropriate I guess.

Nick said...

I remember these guys. They were amazing to see live. People went wild. They made that movie about them and the band got in that book Have Not Been The Same. People treated their lead singer like he was god or something. Maybe that’s what freaked him out. STAR! TV did a documentary and interviewed him last year. He’s a Buddhist now!

Great record. Thanks!

Nick said...

Listening to these songs I just had to post this:

New Heroin came out in Europe in March of 1987 to rave reviews in the English press. Sounds, NME and Melody Maker all gushed: "A gnawing originality. feels magnificent, like being ravaged by white sleet and crimson noise." (Melody Maker) The whole darn mess would be utterly deplorable were it not so bloody brilliant! Not so much awesome but awe-all. (Sounds)

Was it Blue Rodeo or the Cowboy Junkies that said Neon Rome inspired one of their songs? I know the Cowboy Junkies use to open for Neon Rome.

the Black Purl said...

This seems no longer to work. Any chance of still getting it?