Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Flowers - Making The Bunny Pay MLP

Happy Flowers were formed in 1983 with two members of hardcore funband The Landlords. John Beers adopted the name Mr. Horribly Charred Infant and Charlie Kramer named himself Mr. Anus.
This mini album combines the first 2 7" EP releases of the band: 'Songs For Children' and 'Now We Are Six'. On the first one we find one of their best known songs 'Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid' which is the blueprint for all their later stuff. The other 2 songs are freak out noise stuff of which 'Requests' has a hilarious Duran Duran reference. All other songs deal about childhood angst written from the perspective of a child, which will become the trademark of Happy Flowers.
All later releases were on wellknown indie label Homestead. Can't imagine that these days an indie label would consider releasing records of bands like Happy Flowers. 'Cos this is noise punk to the bone, no overdubs, recorded live in the studio with alot of improvisation. Most of their stuff was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara who worked alot with bands from the Dischord label.

Their 1st full length can be found here.

Happy Flowers official homepage

Happy Flowers on MySpace

Making The Bunny Pay MLP (Catch Trout Records-CT 612-1986)
Songs For Children
1. Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
2. Meadowlands
3. Requests
Now We Are Six
4. Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me
5. All My Toys Hate Me
6. Razors In My Apple
7. Hush Little Baby
8. The Vacuum Ate Timmy
9. Daddy Melted

Making The Bunny Pay


Unknown said...

LOVE these guys. thanks for this.

Icky said...

Yep, these guys are fucking awesome.
Thanks for this record, didn't have this!

Fritz die Spinne said...


I thought I was one of the few to recall these guys. They were a fave back in college.

Have the "They Cleaned My Cut Out WIth A Wire Brush" 7" and their LP, which had such greats as "Mom, I gave the Cat SOme Acid" and "Jellyfish Head"

Curious Guy said...

Maybe I could rip and post the "I Crush Bozo" LP, their 2nd one, for those who can't get enough of this. Haven't seen it on any blog yet.
Great title of that 7" you mention Fritz!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. And "Bozo" would be fantastic..never saw it on a blog and almost impossible to find in stores too

Anonymous said...

'i crush bozo'... i had been looking for a download link and here it is. scroll down for info... from a 'happy flowers' fan.. enjoy


Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to put link in ..doh!


Anonymous said...

I tried to download but it is on a loop. Please fix! Thanx

Toxik Boys said...

thanks friend

greeeeat band

Anonymous said...

love this band
post more by them, please!

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Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!