Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life In General - s/t 12"

Cool and obscure 12" of this Seattle postpunk band. They were formerly known as X-15.
5 rather short tracks on this one.
Nothing more to say so anyone who knows more is welcome to provide some info.

Update! Well someone provided a link for more info on X-15/Life In General. Actually , you can purchase X-15 recordings on CD Baby as well. Check it out here.

Life In General 12" (Panece Records-ZF001-1982)
1. Respite Lost
2. The Fog
3. Thats Life
4. Affliction
5. One Way

Life In General


Toxik Boys said...

nice post...

Greazy Tony said...

HOLY CRAP!! Thanks a billion for this!! I've been looking for this record since the 80's! I used to hear 'That's Life' all the time on the college radio stations in the NY area. Could never find the vinyl. There's been a meathead cover band in the Boston area that's using the name so forget Google-ing "Life In General". Again, Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Here's the best bio on the net:

You can purchase the X-15 cd on iTunes or Amazon's mp3 Download.

Be sure to get "Vaporized" and "Mad Again".

Curious Guy said...

Greazy Tony, shared with pleasure.
anon, thanks for the link. I'll check out those X-15 recordings in the near future.

JQ said...

Haha, hey there; I just put a copy of this in my new blog myself. Thought I'd share some links on this group too!

Official Site (I think):

Also, for those curious, their Bombs & Insurance album can be heard in its entirety on Last.FM!

Anyway, keep up the amazing work, Curious Guy! =D

Anonymous said...

No one will likely believe me, but I actually played bass on this Life in General Studio EP. My name is Wade Larsen.

Unknown said...

I believe you, Wade and can vouch for your contribution to this amazing EP!

-Cheers from a fellow Bellinghamster!

julio said...

new link please , thanks

Curious Guy said...

New link for Life In General. Enjoy!