Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mome Rath - Apratima MLP

First album of this wave band from France. Mome Rath were from Paris and their 1st release is the 'Advising' 7" on Shin Produc. Then came a live tape on V.I.S.A./Androida Flux.
Mome Rath then signed to Garage Records and released the 'Sarasvati' LP and the 'Back In Paradise' 7" before splitting up.
Mome Rath comes from a nonsense poem 'Jabberwocky' written by Lewis Caroll as a part of his novel 'Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there'.

Apratima MLP (Shin Produc-SP 05-1985)
1. Stranger
2. Some Words
3. The Sophisticated Lobsters Quadrille
4. Light Of Love
5. Called
6. Upright Image



Anonymous said...

thank you for this one, ive been looking for this for a long time, hope u can also feature a band called THIS SCARET TRAIN.....thanks

Capa Nostra said...

Always wanted to hear this one.
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo sooo much, been looking for ages with "Stranger" as my singular motivation. THANK YOU DEWD!

Anonymous said...

so nice ! Thank you - anybody have other releases from this band?

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure. It's the only record I have of them. Contributions are welcome.

Anonymous said...

something happened...I cannot download it...Zshare, maybe?

Curious Guy said...

I'll re-up today.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you have a Torrent client you can download their two albums + many bonus tracks at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog

I can't find the password for this ???

Mission said...

Good song...."stranger"

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!