Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zshare under maintenance

As you already could find out, zshare is under maintenance already from Thursday. I really hope they can fix their problems very soon. I really don't want the same thing that happened to me like last year with quicksharing.

Here's some news.
Cherry Red finally released a sort of 'Best Of' of one of their most interesting acts from back in the day: Five Or Six. A pity there's only 10 songs on it so I hope there's more to come soon. It has the 'Another Reason' 7", the 'Pillows And Prayers' contribution and a few songs of the 'Polar Exposure' album and the Spanish release. Also 1 track from the 'Four Of...' 12".
Check it out here.

For the Ensemble Pittoresque fans: here's a blog run by ex-member Paulus Wieland with more insight on the re-releases. Seems he wasn't informed on all that. Check it out here.

Hope I can post something in the next days.


Marco Gélido said...

zshare working now!

Curious Guy said...

Downloading works but I still can't upload. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these file storing sites have been hiccuping lately. Zshare was one of the few that seemed problem free for a while. But I upload onto rapidshare so can't speak for that aspect. Anyways, excellent blog you have.

Anonymous said...

so if zshare can't fix the problems
is it possible to repost

happy flowers - making the bunny pay

v.a. - fridge freezer?



Curious Guy said...

New links for Happy Flowers and Fridge Freezer. Enjoy!

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