Saturday, May 02, 2009

V/A Essai LP

Hard-to-find but quality compilation on Facteurs D'Ambiance. This label was run by the people behind Martin Dupont who, off course appear on this one as well.
The other more well known band is L'Enfance Eternelle. They released two albums that are quite rare but a discography has been released on Infrastition.
Begin Says later shortened their name to B. Says 'cos of a dispute with a French sugar mark.
Men For Ben only released these songs.
For those interested, the Martin Dupont albums have recently been re-released on Infrastition. All are much sought after so take your chance to get them for a fair price. Also check for more cult cold wave re-releases as well.


V/A Essai LP (Facteurs D'Ambiance-AA 33 001-1988)
1. Martin Dupont - Andreï Roublev
2. Martin Dupont - Hidden Inside
3. Martin Dupont - Just Because...
4. Men For Ben - Les Crevettes
5. Men For Ben - Okorakor
6. Men For Ben - Vous
7. Martin Dupont - I Love The Lovers
8. Begin Says - Arbeit
9. Begin Says - The Begin
10. Begin Says - Lenine Said
11. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Clowns
12. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Longs Rivages
13. Martin Dupont - Pellicola



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any chance for "Scatterbrains - Musical Marriage"(Utrecht Netherlands)?

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