Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fracture - A Sign 7"

Here's another cool postpunk gem from the UK. Think this is the only release of Fracture. And as with many of these, no info to be found.

A Sign 7" (Shock Records-SHOCK 1-1982)
1. A Sign
2. The End Of All Time



Anonymous said...

Exelent record.
Do not know whether it is the same group:
Fracture - Bird Song (VA Directions 2LP 1983)
Fracture is my favourite of this and the following
Camera Obscura - Village Of Stars
Zetta - Lady
Alchimist Exvention - Expressions That Change
Buckingham, Andrew - What Your Words Have Done To Me
Kerb Dance - Everyone Here
Find it here:

Anonymous said...

Wow. How could all these unknown bands of the early 80's be so good? This is clearly inspired by Joy Division, especially the flip side, but still: excellent songwriting, excellently performed (not meaning: perfectly). Thank you very much for this! @anonymous: To me the singer seems to be the same!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the link anon. Think there are more compilations made by 101 Records which are rare these days. Gonna check out the songs.
I also think it's the same band. Same period so it possible could be.
Thanks for the appreciation oldskool. Still finding 'new' unknown 80's stuff. The search continues.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!