Saturday, June 06, 2009

Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

Pretty obscure mini-album of this Dutch 'fake new wave' band. Musicians Ronald Heiloo and Harold Schellinx are behind this band, together with French singer Lucien Santoro. 'Agonie Ajournée' is one of the two fake bands that released an album at the same time as the other one, called Bogdan Wlosik. This one can be found on Mutant Sounds.
Heiloo and Schellinx, together with Tim Benjamin (who did the artwork on this record) were in Young Lions before.
Heiloo and Schellinx also ran Amphibious Records which released records of their own projects. They also did an album 'Commuters' with Dagmar Krause.
No Longer Forgotten Music posted Young Lions and 3 singles on Amphibious. Still looking for the 'Under Western Eyes' double 7".

Amphibious Records Discography:
A 001 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - A Twilight Smile 7"
A 002 Ronald Heiloo - In Time Of Panic 7"
A 003 Young Lions - s/t MC
A 004 Young Lions - Small World MC
A 005 Harold Schellinx - Ranks 7"
A 006/007 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo - Under Western Eyes Do7"
A 008 Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - Commuters Book
A 009 Commuters - s/t LP
A 010 Bogdan Wlosik - s/t LP
A 011 Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

UPDATE!!! Harold found some unplayed copies of Amphibious releases. So for those interested, go to Amphibious Records.

Agonie Ajournée LP (1984)
1. L'Héritage
2. La Parade Sauvage
3. L'Heure Des Assassins

Link removed. You can get the album HERE.


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There is now an official hi-quality digital download of this album available at Bandcamp, including several related goodies. Paypal payments you would care to make for downloading the album or individual tracks go directly to the artists. Thank you for your care and support!

Get Agonie Ajournée at Bandcamp

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