Saturday, June 27, 2009

A.T.R.O.X. - The Night's Remains LP

As requested, here's the first album of this enigmatic Italian band.
Can't add any extra info but it's as interesting as their follow-up posted a while ago.
Most of the tracks are instrumental. 3 long tracks on side A, 5 shorter ones on the other side.
They thank Tuxedomoon for the help of the realization of this album.
Trinciato Forte was a small Italian label that released besides this LP: Pattona 'Reclame' MLP, Blitz 'Attenti A Voi' 7" and Underground Life 'Cross' 12" and probably a few others I don't know. Never heard any of these.

The Night's Remains LP (Trinciato Forte-TFLP 001-1982)
1. Carnival Foods
2. Across The Meadow
3. The Night's Remains (including Storm's Fragments and Spring)
4. Agreements With The New Day
5. Against The Odds
6. New York Race Track
7. Voices
8. New York Race Track / 20

Link removed. Buy the 2CD on Spittle.


icastico said...

Really cool record. I hadn't heard ATROX before...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Truely incredible blog you have here.

zyklon-boy said...

they were from Piacenza, Italy. Band members are: Alberto Andreoni (guitar), Pierluigi Androni (drum machine, synthesizer, vocals), Massimo Marchini (bass), Francesco Paladino (vocals, toy piano). La Pattona was the first band that in 82 became A.T.R.O.X. to the 1986 when they disbanded and formed the Doubling Riders (that released some stuff for the italian experimental label ADN).

Curious Guy said...

Hi Zyklon-Boy, thanks for the info.
I found out about it after I posted this. It's in Italian so I had to translate it. Seems that they wanted to stay anonymous just like the Residents.

zyklon-boy said...

yes and they also did a concept album (Water Tales, that was about a population that lives under the water) like Eskimo!
however thanks a lot for your great work on this blog!

Curious Guy said...

Well, the Water Tales LP has been posted here last month if you need a digital copy :)

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Awesome post. Thanks!


curious guy

hello this is a great one!!!! any chance we could do a link exchange just posted a bunch of early 80's singles minimal and other... you might enjoy....alas wonderful blog you have made !!! thanks a ton!!!

lucky cloud


Anonymous said...

Look here. . .

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...


La Pattona "Reclame"
Look here

Anonymous said...

does someone knows how can I have a digital copy of "blitz - attenti a voi" LP? thanks