Saturday, June 13, 2009

Every New Dead Ghost - Visions 7"

Around 1984 it seemed that the original goth/posi-punk sound died. Most bands split up, The Cult went 70's rock (even on their first album 'Dreamtime' the tribal drumming was gone), The Sisters resurrected but never managed to get the same level as their previous works.

Around the same time, some new members took over the sound: Altered States, Nosferatu, Stiff Kittens, Restoration, Sins Of The Flesh and the well-known Fields Of The Nephilim.

Nottingham's Every New Dead Ghost was also one of those bands and one of the most interesting. More rock than ethereal, more punk than dark.

'Visions' is the band's very first output, released by themselves. Strong song material but the recording quality is a letdown unfortunately. Pressing 6 mins. on each side on a 45 RPM 7" is asking for trouble I guess. Would've sound better on a 12" or 33 RPM 7". As it was self-released, I think the band was on a tight budget, with no label behind them.

Every New Dead Ghost released the 'Ascension' 12"s and 3 albums before they split in 1992.

There's a retrospective CD available on Strobelight Records.

Visions 7" (self-released-1986)
1. Visions
2. Friends In High Places
3. Nez Perce

Every New Dead Ghost


Anonymous said...

A couple of bands from that 2nd phase that you remember here, which are really worth checking out are Rosegarden Funeral and a UK band called The Shining. I did have the demos that were released and if anybody should have gotten anywhere at this point then Rosegarden Funeral were the business, and completely original in sound. If you can track it down another great release was the 12" by Christabelle Children, who again were highly original and totally talented : it was called a Course In Miracles and is a four track. A few other mentions from this period : The Bible For Dogs who you know, Prayer Factory, Playing To Ghosts, Ave Maria / The Joan of Arc Family, Burning Wicker-Men ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks.I've been trying to track down some of their stuff recently.

Curious Guy said...

You mention some pretty obscure bands anon. Must admit that I never cared much for those 2nd phase bands until recently.

Anonymous said...

i am of the same opinion too: bands like Restoration etc always sucked, but there was a coarser energy in the ones I mentioned that was the carry on from that initial wave. The energy is the same. Most 2nd and 3rd generation bands were appalling : ripping off the Sisters very badly and occultist inflections from some kind of guide book de rigeur. Please try and check them. Sleeping Dogs Wake was another great band too from that wave. Recommended.

A Taste of Hysteria said...

Hi! this is one of my favorite blogs - so many amazing and hard to find records and quite a few bands i've been introduced to through it! as far as your request list - are you looking to buy those records or for mp3's? I have the Vonbrigði - s/t and have been meaning to rip it to mp3 and will gladly send it to you when i do if you want it!

soundhead said...

Do you know anything about Janusz Stega?

Fritz die Spinne said...

Michael? Your email did not work--some error. Pop one to me thru my profile. Even if you are not he--great suggestions.

I think that Janusz Stega is not the band--Apres Guerre is, and they have a single, Mise En Bière, and a couple of tracks on comps.

I guess I have the comps, and just hunted down the singhle. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Every New Dead Ghost set up the "Nightbreed" record label in Nottingham, which released stuff by a whole load of bands in the 1990's and early 2000's. (One of their releases was the debut album by a band I was in called Killing Miranda - a sort of car crash between goth and industrial, forever compared to Type O Negative and Marilyn Manson). Just to keep it incestuous(!) our singer was also a guitarist in Restoration for a brief period.

Janusz Stega said...

Janusz Stega is a french artist, born in Poland.
He is living in Lille, Fance.
He founded Après Guerre with Robert Delporte, artist and guitarist.
He destroyed Après Guerre when Robert Delporte dyed in 1991.

Sheerinertia said...

Thanks for this! Been scouring the net for the Ascension 12" too- no luck yet. Found some places overseas to buy it from, but I'm always leary about ordering vinyl from that far off- probably wind up scratched to hell or even snapped in two!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Stathis said...


can you please repost this 7"?

Thank you very much

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!