Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bachelors Of Art - This Tribal Courthouse LP

Unknown female-fronted goth band from Columbia, SC.
Strong song material but the production could be much better. The drums sound weak and the overall sound is quite muddy. Too bad. But don't let that be a reason not to download it.
The lyrics to 'Talking Of Michelangelo' and 'I'll Come Back' are taken from "The Wasteland and Other Poems" by T.S. Eliot.
Last song is an instrumental.

This Tribal Courthouse LP (Black And Blue Records-BA-1286-1986)
1. The Run
2. Descend Again
3. The Desert
4. Talking Of Michelangelo
5. Shuffling & Mumbling
6. Three Cornered Plot
7. I'll Come Back
8. Eshu's Effigy


Unknown said...

Very very cool. And nearly impossible to get now. Thanks for this one.

NoRecords Records said...

Hey Son !
tout d'abord un grand bravo à toi pour les posts que tu proposes, toujours très classe !
je me permets de te donner le lien d'un groupe meconnu des années 90. Un groupe français produit par Lucas Trouble (Vietnam veterans) pour le label Nova Express, j'espère que tu apprécieras.
C'est leur 2nd album, je sais qu'il existe un premier LP ainsi qu'un 45 tours, mais ils sont jusqu'ici, introuvables...!
la chasse est donc ouverte. J'ai ajouté à l'archive les covers.
Bien à toi
bonne année
jim said...

I am the singer of this band and it is nearly impossible to get a copy of this! It was recorded in a house with very little gear. Glad you like it though! You can check out more on myspace music Bachelors of Art.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Robin, thanks for leaving a comment here. Very much appreciated!
All the best with what you're doing now.

Unknown said...

Point of interest: the drummer on this record is pre-Hootie and the Blowfish

Anonymous said...

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ray said...

still one of my favorites that you have shared to us. thank you thank you

Justin Parsons said...

They were an extremely good live act

Curious Guy said...

New link for Bachelors Of Art.

Unknown said...

Bachelors of Art/BOA from SC has a facebook page now and are back live