Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silent Rite - Greatest Show 7"

Only release I know of this German wave band. Their sound has nothing in common with NDW but is more inspired by UK postpunk.
Not much info to be found on Silent Rite except that bassplayer Lee Self also played in The Beauty Contest, Montanablue, Tanzplagen and occasionally for Kastrierte Philosophen.
This 7" was released on a small label called 46 Records. They also released records by Die Hornissen, Quick Culture and Alvi & The Alviettes.
'Benediction' is a live recording.

Greatest Show 7" (46 Records-PA 5102-1983)
1. Greatest Show
2. Benediction

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Anonymous said...

I really like this, thanks

Shadow said...

Hi curious guy!!

It's amazing this 7'' as you upload!!

thnx a lot!!

Jonathan Canady said...

Thank you for all the great music. I just plain love this blog.

I mentioned Phoenix Hairpins over at my own site today...


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation Jonathan. Added your blog to my links. got an email from you recently about the EP you recorded. Will check it out later.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Kept seeing this one on eBay and was curious to hear it before buying. Many thanks for sharing. Hope all is well.


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks for the nice words!
This single is now available digitally from itunes,amazon etc...
yall might also enjoy the record i did with Blaine Reininger that was released last year(The Hamburg Sessions) and my new album (Wichita)..
more info etc @