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V/A Viva Los Angeles II 2xLP

As requested here's the seminal 2nd volume of the Viva Los Angeles series. Released in Italy on Viva Records in 1990, this album represents what was going on in the late 80's in LA.
There's enough info on bands like Drowning Pool, 17 Pygmies, Kommunity FK, Savage Republic or Fourwaycross so let's write a bit more on the lesser known acts.
Afterimage was a postpunk band that released a 12" and 7" on their own Contagion label in the early 80's. A few more records followed. This track is more of a Daniel Voznick solo effort.
Gothic Hut released their first album in 1982 on Posh Boy. Later releases on their own Show Me label. Nic Greene of The Blue Daisies and Blissed Out Fatalists was also a member of the band for a while but doesn't appear on the track here.
Marnie was a member of the Party Boys. Here she delivers the title track of her great debut album which she recorded together with Philip Drucker (Savage Republic, 17 Pygmies).
Red Temple Spirits were a psychedelic goth band with William Faircloth as frontman who was also in Minsitry Of Love. Two albums and one 7" on Independent Project and Fundamental/Nate Starkman & Son.
Partly Cloudy released one (hard-to-find) album 'Excess Verbiage' in 1987. A second album was announced but never released.
Trotsky Icepick were a noise rock band with albums on SST Records.
Shiva Burlesque did two albums: one for Nate Starkman & Son , the second one on Fundamental.
Scott Fraser did 3 albums on Fun Music of which the 1st two are cassette only.
Radwaste (ex-100 Flowers) and The Rub are both bands from the Happy Squid label.
The Soul Brothers also appeared on the 'The October Country' comp. album on Nate Starkman & Son. They also released a few cassette albums.
Mark Nine was also a member of Ministry Of Love and Afterimage.
In The Distance is a collaboration of A Produce and Pierre Lambow, both artists from the Trance Port label.
Viva Los Angeles II was released in 1990 on double LP and CD. This is the vinyl version. Comes with a booklet with more info on the bands, including discographies.

V/A Viva Los Angeles II 2xLP (Viva Records-REVI 005-1990)
1. Drowning Pool - The Italian Pop Song
2. Afterimage - Out Of Breath
3. Gothic Hut - Rio
4. Marnie - Songs Hurt Me
5. Red Temple Spirits - Rollercoaster
6. 17 Pygmies - Under The Freeway
7. Kommunity FK - Is It Your Face
8. Partly Cloudy - Jihad
9. Trotsky Icepick - This Car Is Not Blue
10. Shiva Burlesque - Arabesque
11. Scott Fraser - The Cool Shades
12. Radwaste - War Of The Roses (P.K.'s Mix)
13. The Rub - A Thousand Days
14. The Soul Brothers - Du Bist Käse
15. Savage Republic - Valetta
16. Mark Nine - Sun And Shadows
17. Fourwaycross - Let It Come Down
18. In The Distance - Migration


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excellent post. kfk, savage republic, and other greats.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Verdammte Scheisse! I had this one ready to go--you beat me to it. Thanks!

My copy is the CD edition--sadly the disc has bronzed and I have to rely on an older rip of the disc.

The CD came with a large 12" booklet

Remind Me To Smile said...

Nice post! Trotsky Icepick used to be called Danny and The Doorknobs!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation and the German swearing :D
And yes you're right about the name change of Trotsky Icepick.

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