Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cold Dance - No Glamour In Industry 7"

Got a request through discogs for this one. Didn't know that this 7" wasn't posted before.
This is the 1st record by Cold Dance. They did two 7"s for Xcentric Noise Records, known for releasing international punk/hardcore records. But the label also released some interesting goth bands from the Hull area like Luddites, Quel Dommage, Cold Dance and Punctured Tough Guy.
All of these are getting pretty hard to find especially the Punctured Tough Guy 7" and the 2nd Cold Dance 7". But if you want to check out these, go here and here.

Welcome to 2010!

No Glamour In Industry 7" (Xcentric Noise Records-FIFTH 1-1984)
1. Choice
2. Influence
3. Then + Now

Cold Dance


Unknown said...

Indeed so. Managed to get the PTG tape but the 7" is increasingly hard to get a hold of. Some more stuff from Hull by Les Zeiga Fleurs, Burn The Index etc but been pretty taken up by other stuff for some time, and it looks like that will continue for the timebeing. But : - Happy New Year to you ... have another vinyl list to send to you from that French guy btw.


Fritz die Spinne said...

Thanks--this has been on my list as well. No record buying for a while, but still plenty to dig out and rip....

Shadow said...



Highlander said...

Thanks Curious Guy.

Anonymous said...

viva los angeles 2 please!

Unknown said...

hey love your blog just not sure how to make requests but do any of you guys have this LP called THE WAKE- PATROL would love to have this

Curious Guy said...

It's actually a song from the 'Harmony' album. Should not be too hard to find I suppose. Try Itunes or Emusic.

Unknown said...

You crack me up!