Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fade To Black - Corridors Of Gender MLP

Gloomy postpunk band from San Francisco.
Don't have much info on the band myself but I could find some on the net.
Trouserpress describes the music as powerful, dramatic drone psychedelia.Drummer Gil Ray later played for Game Theory and Loud Family.
Singer Bradley construct his lyrics from mythologies as ancient as the Fisher King and Ophelia, and as current as William S. Burroughs's warcry 'Towers Open Fire!' from 'Naked Lunch' (from an NY Times article written by Robert Palmer for Pop Life in 1985).

Corridors Of Gender MLP (CD Presents-CD026-1984)
1. Black Box
2. Forward From Hell
3. Towers Open Fire
4. Soundtrack
5. Cinema Blue

Fade To Black


musicmatic said...

seems you're a "gothic" type ;)
both remind me of something between Birthday Party, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy and later Sad Lovers And Giants or New Model Army

Curious Guy said...

Well I'm not really the 'gothic' type but I have some records in my collection.Grew up with that stuff in my teen years. Listen to a lot of different music. Expect more of some lesser known goth bands. When I refer to 'gothic' I mean the early style that was rooted in punk, not the new electronic stuff that's called 'gothic' nowadays.
Actually I'm more a 'punk' type :). I posted some records on the 7 Inch Punk site before.There are enough punk blogs nowadays so I chose to do something different.

musicmatic said...

yes - I'm still curious what comes next. I also like your dry writing style

Curious Guy said...

Ah yes, my writing style.I know it's quite dry and very informal.My main idea is posting music.Some people can really describe what they feel when listening to music.I'm afraid I can't.
Seems I come off as a deadserious person which I'm luckily not :).
My girlfriend is the writer in the house.She writes in a very funny way.

musicmatic said...

don't get me wrong - that wasn't meant ironically. If the length of text is not too big it's just right

Curious Guy said...

My Electric Friend, I know it was meant as a compliment. I was just drawing a conclusion for myself. I just wish I could bring some more 'schwung' in it ;). But one can't force it.

Marisa said...

Hi! Just thought you'd like to know that two of the members of Fade to Black, Paulette Rees-Denis and her husband Jeff Rees, went on to found the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, a Tribal bellydance troupe here in Portland, OR. Paulette is the artistic director of the troupe, and Jeff played in the "house band" for years and now is a member of the Middle Eastern band Mizna. Read all about them here:

I used to work at Caravan Studio and have taken lessons at the studio as well. Paulette and Jeff are wonderful people, friendly, endlessly creative and ginormously talented. I haven't heard this record yet but I'm about to download it! Thanks for posting!

Agatha said...

the link isn't working :(

Curious Guy said...

I will rip this one again at a higher bitrate anytime soon.

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rip. Enjoy!