Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pure Pop For Now People

I added an interesting link for those who collect vinyl. Joachim Gaertner of Get Happy Records and the band S/T collects all info on defunct independent labels. This book is called 'They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI'. The first edition is almost sold out but he is completing the second edition which will probably be out early 2007. He also runs a site (see sidebar) that has already lots of entries but is not that updated from the book. As a regular contributor I strongly recommend to visit the site. Anyone is free to help Joachim to fill in the missing gaps, label logo scans or labels you think are missing (labels must be defunct!). So for those interested in music from the late 70's till now, check it out! Music ranges from punk, wave, experimental, garage, neo-sixties,psychedelic, postrock, hardcore, guitarpop and everything in between.

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