Saturday, October 28, 2006


Anyone remembers the Ron Johnson label? The label was run by Dave Parsons who was also the singer for Splat!. Here you have the complete output of the band, except for one track on the 'First After Epiphany' comp. LP.
Ron Johnson was one of the more interesting labels out of the UK(Nottingham) but after 7 years, collapsed 'cos of it's financial situation. John Peel played a lot of the bands on this label on his show.

Yeah The Dum Dum 7" (RON 1-1983)
1. Yeah The Dum Dum
2. Bookface
3. Biggles Bloodbath

Bloom 12" (RON 2-1984)
1. Bloom
2. Taxi
3. Morbius 4
4. A foolish Crawl



musicmatic said...

They were good!

Curious Guy said...

Expect some more stuff from this label some time.

coolanddeadly said...

Great blog you have here!!

Pash said...

Greetings from Pash

Anonymous said...

Hi, dave parsons here (Ron Johnson Records and Splat!) - nice to know someone appreciated the (slightly amateurish) efforts we made in the early-mid 80s!

Curious Guy said...

Hello Dave,
cool you have found my blog. Hope you don't mind that I posted your records here. Just hope some more people will get to know Splat!.That's the main reason why I'm doing it.
All the best to you.

Curious Guy said...

New rip for Splat!. The 7" crackles a bit. Check them out.

ROOKSBY said...

Thanks for these. I lived in Nottingham at the time they were released & they were STILL impossible to get hold of! Fingers crossed for a Ron Johnson boxset sometime soon, eh?