Sunday, November 04, 2007

Short Break

I'm taking a one week off. So no new posts except maybe from contributions.
I know that mediafire deleted some files so if anyone wants me to re-upload something, just ask. Leave a comment here. Thanks.


n-rich said...

Have a good break! Thanks for all the great posts.

Another request, if you're taking them:

Clair Obscur's "The Pilgrim's Progress", a great live LP released by All The Madmen (details).


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Have a good break/rest CG

Anonymous said...

Hi Curious Guy

After hundreds of precious posts you deserve a break. When you're back please re-post Lives Of Angels cause Mediafire deleted it.

My best wishes


Anonymous said...

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EOHall said...

Your blog truly is great. If you have anything by In Excelsis, or the UK Decay full length, I'd like to make a request for them!

Anonymous said...

Have a great break. Thanks for everything you do here.

Anonymous said...

I can only concur with previous posters. This is a great, great blog. I have it bookmarked and visit it almost daily. You have shared some wonderful old slabs of vinyl glory. Enjoy your break and return refreshed.