Saturday, November 24, 2007

V/A Music From The Dead Zone 2: USA LP

Interesting comp. album on UK label Dead Man's Curve. Vol. 1 has European acts while this one contains underground acts from the USA.
Corpses As Bedmates also released an album on Dead Man's Curve called 'Venus Handcuffs'. Has been re-released on CD in 2004 dropping the band name, replaced by Venus Handcuffs. Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis were also in Thinking Plague, 5UU'S, and appear on many other albums. Bob Drake lives in France now and still releases albums.
Little Fyodor used to be a member of Walls Of Genius. Released 3 albums and numerous cassettes. CDR copies are stil available on his website.
Digital Sex released a mini-album on their own Essence Records and a CD on French cult label Sordide Sentimental.
F/i have quite some cassettes and albums and mix industrial sounds with spacerock tunes. 2 members later in Drag City act Vocokesh.
Boy Dirt Car released some albums on RRR Records of which one is a split album with F/i. Key members are Darren Brown (who later founded Impact Test) and Eric Lunde who released many solo recordings of industrial stuff.
The Haters is Canadian Jupiter Larsen, and a well established name within the more noisy side of the industrial scene.
For Against released some quite beautiful postpunk albums on Independent Projects. I think most of their albums are re-released on CD and not hard to find. Everyone should have heard 'Echelons' once in their life.
Smersh also released an album on Dead Man's Curve. You can find both vinyl albums on The Thing On The Doorstep. There's actually 2 tracks of them although only one is mentioned.
Hunting Lodge offer a live version of one of their most wellknown tracks that appeared as a 12".
Psyclones are Brian Ladd and Julie Frith. On this track they got help of the mysterious Schlafengarten. Some albums of Psyclones can be found here and 2 tapes of Schlafengarten on Shards Of Beauty.
Gestaltung is an alias for Smersh.

V/A Music From The Dead Zone 2: USA LP (Dead Man's Curve-DMC DZ 02-1987)
1. Corpses As Bedmates - I'll Lead You
2. Little Fyodor - Doomed
3. Digital Sex - Astray
4. F/i - Trauma (At The Beach)
5. Boy Dirt Car - Extract from He Tore Out His Eyes
6. The Haters - Exre
7. For Against - Amen Yves
8. Smersh - Trench
9. Smersh - Untitled
10. Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot (Live)
11. Psyclones/Schlafengarten - When The End Comes
12. Gestaltung - Softly Dub



Bourbonese said...

Hi. Thanks for this one. I've a tape redorded from this LP from ages!!! Do you want some contributions from Portuguese / Spanish bands from the eighties? Thanks one more time.

Anonymous said...

hello and thanks! i have grown quite fond of smersh lately......hadnt heard of them till a few weeks ago...keep up the good work

Arvo said...

Looks like a great comp. I'm looking forward to listening to it! I'm playing a show with Little Fyodor next week!

Fred G. Sanford said...

80's portugese stuff would be very cool to have on this blog (or anywhere)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "V/A Music From The Dead Zone 2: USA LP". The Dead Zone is my favorite. It's every episode is great, Story is fantastic and Music is really mind blowing!!! I have collection of The Dead Zone Seasons with all episodes.