Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Cultural Decay reissue

New York label Sacred Bones is planning a reissue of everything Belgian coldwave band The Cultural Decay ever recorded. Will have the 7", 12" and demo recordings. Don't know if this will be on CD or vinyl but you can check their MySpace site here.
Also planned is a complete 13th Chime discography.


Proxy 23 said...
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Proxy 23 said...

Its the same lable as Blank Dogs and His Electric Blue Voice!
both great bands ;)
thanks for the info I'll keep an eye on them !

thank you!

Anonymous said...

fijn fijn fijn ;)

sorry dat mijn frank niet direct gevallen was op de beurs, maar 't was daar nogal hectisch op dat moment ;)

Anonymous said...

Great! Anyone know if they did anything after Cultural Decay?

Anonymous said...

Well they are definitely coming very soon (LP and CD)

Anonymous said...

Cultural Decay blog. Lots of facts, figures and gossip.