Saturday, April 07, 2007

Into A Circle - Assassins LP

To complete the discography, here's the 'Assassins' album of Into A Circle. If you enjoyed the 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' 12"s, you'll like this one too.
As already mentioned, the members are Bee (ex-Danse Crazy) and Barry (ex-Southern Death Cult). Third member on this album is Rose McDowall (ex-Strawberry Switchblade).

Assassins LP (Abstract Records-ABT 018-1988)
1. Beneath Mikhail
2. Over + Over
3. The Swinging Tree
4. 'Elim
5. Forever
6. Allah Akhbar
7. Tender Skin
8. Evergreen
9. Assassins
10. Seraphin Twin

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