Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Shrubs - 12"s

One of the best bands on the Ron Johnson label. They formed in Watford in 1985. Nick Hobbs was once a member of Stump but was kicked out for 'being too serious'. The Shrubs were initially called the Kevin Staples Band.
The 'Full Steam Into The Brainstorm' 12" is the band's first release. Phil Roberts plays on this record but left to play with Marc Riley With The Creepers. He was replaced by Steve Brockley and later by Mark Grebby of Splat!.
The 'Blackmailer' 12" is the band's second release. The last two tracks are taken from a John Peel session. After this one came the full length 'Take Me Aside For A Midnight Harangue'. After the Ron Johnson label folded, they released the 'Another Age' 12" and 'Vessels Of The Heart' LP on Public Domain.
The Shrubs also contributed on the well-known C86 tape released by music mag NME.

Full Steam Into The Brainstorm 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 10-1986)
1. Carbreaker
2. Dead Teachers
3. Warm Sea
4. Black Saloons
5. The Dealer
6. Bullfighter

Blackmailer 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 17-1986)
1. Blackmailer
2. Rivers Of Toads
3. Assassin
4. Animal



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