Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Midnight Choir - Kiss 12"

First release of this postpunk/wave band. Couldn't find any info on The Midnight Choir. This 12" and the follow-up 'Gideon Turtle And The Midnight Choir' 12" released on Artery's A Golden Dawn label. Also produced by Simon Hinkler of Artery.
Besides the mentioned releases, The Midnight Choir went on to release the 'Trussed By Buddha' LP on Probe Plus, the 'Hallelujah' 12" and 'Wormbelly Grin' LP on Native Records. Never heard these.
Any additional info more than welcome.

Kiss 12" (A Golden Dawn-G.D.1201-1983)
1. Kiss
2. Leanora's Bedtime Stories
3. Suffer The Children



noinim said...

Great band, but virtually unheard of. And most their stuff isn't too difficult to find either. I have 3 releases, one being "Kiss" and the others "Hallelujah" and "Gideon..." I'll have to rip the later 2 to mp3 for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Could you put this back up for me, please?
It doesn't seem to be working.


Curious Guy said...

New link's up toronto stew. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Got it. Thanks!

Edward Soja said...

Magnific blog, man.

I dropped here for I was looking for an album by Trop Tard.

Almost of the bands I don't know. And never heard of about.

Guess I have much things to listen in the close future, eheh.

Best regards from Portugal,

DeathRiddle said...

I have "Trussed By Buddha" (which is a 12" P,not LP) and the "WormBelly Grin" album (which came with a free 7" single, featuring a cover of "These Boots Were Made For Walking")Been listening to'em just now. By the mid 80s, The Midnight Choir had moved on a lot from the gothy stuff featured here. No hint of goth on these records, which sound like Beefheart/Fall-influenced post-punk indie-noise.

Anonymous said...

Can you please please please re-upload. I've been searching for this 12" for a while now.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!