Friday, June 01, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - Datakill 12"

The 'Datakill' 12" is the third release of The Cassandra Complex. Uptempo title track, the two tracks on the B side are more atmospheric, especially 'Three Cities'.
I'm having PC problems for the moment. Lightning struck on my internet connection so I need to take my PC to the shop. Hopefully tomorrow the problem will be solved. Otherwise it will take some days.
Thanks to Cranio for letting me post this one here.

Datakill 12" (Rouska Records-COME 5T-1986)
1. Datakill
2. Wintry Weather Song
3. Three Cities

Datakill (re-up)


Anonymous said...

Incredible blog...Cassandra Complex was my favourite halloween parties soundtrack, and this 12'' was missing.

Greetings from Chile.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site, and I a happier guy for it.
Thanks for all this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this incredible post, I'm really enjoying it :)

Anonymous said...

lightning did the same thing to mine and turned my tvs black and white

melchisedek said...

i really love wintry weather song and have been looking for it for years. thank you!

keep shining!

richard rouska said...

Hi, Richard from Rouska records here who released this single - it's ok but still lament the fact that we didn't release Wonderworld as the follow up to Moscow Idaho. All trax were ace but don't think Datakill was a single in hindsight.