Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Heroes - Now The Scars Are Healing 12"

One and only release of Our Heroes. This 12" was released on Icon Records, the label of Seventh Séance.
Postpunk with a goth touch, female vocals not unlike Mich Ebeling of Look Back In Anger. Almost no guitars but leads were played on sax with a moody touch.
I hope Winston sees this so he could provide some more info on Our Heroes.

Now The Scars Are Healing 12" (Icon Records-IC 004-1984)
1. (Now The) Scars (Are Healing)
2. Fantasenile
3. The Aura

Our Heroes


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This is one of the records I wanted to rip when I had the capability to (still don't have the capability ahah). "Now the Scars are healin'" is such a catchy track. Thank you!

Fritz die Spinne said...

Sehr Geil!

I uploaded a cerytain 10" for your amusement.

icon music said...
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icon music said...

Wondered if this might show up sooner or later.Evidently sooner! Another classic swallowed in the flames of the recent housefire.re-claimed! cheers!
"Our Heroes" sax player is indeed the same Garfield (sadly deceased) who plays on Seventh Seance releases and indeed many live gigs/sessions. Chris Calvert (the drummer) went on to become a permanent member of Seventh Seance after "Our Heroes" split.Winston(me) played keyb'ds with them a coupla times too.Yep, we had a blast!Haven't seen Chas and Alan since Garfield's funeral though.
Would be great to hear from them!
Thanks again!

Curious Guy said...

Winston, thanks for the extra info on Our Heroes. That housefire must have been a real disaster.

Tony said...

Hi my name is Tony.I was the manager of 'Our Heroes' and guitarist with their earlier incarnation 'Bona Rays' who produced the 1980 single Catch 22/Were Never Going To Miss You. Phill Jap produced 'Scars' in a grulling all night session in a studion in Croyden if my memory serves me right. Winston I have a copy of 'Scars' to replace your burnt copy. I too have lost contact with Chas/Allan, or Chris for that matter and haven't seen you since Garfields funeral/your Janice Long Manchester Session.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Tony, thanks for leaving a comment. There's a contact for winston on the Seventh Seance page here:

Immortelle said...

The same trouble with this link, would be very grateful for a new one. Thanks!!

Curious Guy said...

New rip / link for Our Heroes. Enjoy!

rasen-virus said...

any chance for it to get re-uploaded? I came too late... thanks!

Curious Guy said...

New link Elias. Enjoy!