Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Gentry - Fragments Of Truth LP

Unknown but excellent wave band from Wormer, Holland. 'Fragments Of Truth' is their first album. You can hear some influences of The Sound or Echo & The Bunnymen.
The Gentry released another album in 1986 called 'Solitary'.
The Gentry also appeared on the 'Emma' double LP comp. which was a benefit for the Amsterdam squat with the same name.

Fragments Of Truth LP (Enclosure Productions-Enclosure 002-1984)
1. All The Faceless People
2. Mortal Ride
3. The Threat
4. Fragments Of Truth
5. After The Fact
6. Indifference
7. Escape
8. Senses
9. Too Many Of You
10. Visions Of A Landscape

The Gentry (new link)


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Anonymous said...

Excellent LP. Thank you for giving me the chance to hear this little treasure.

Plastiquegal said...

I cannot thank you enough for posting this. I feel as if its something that may have slipped by me and yet I never knew it existed. But it has become a definite obsession to find the vinyl now. This is amazing!
I am grateful to folks like you with impeccable taste in music and a willingness to share it!

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The Gentry is back again. Afther a period of about 12 years we're back together. We've got a site : (only dutch. english will follow). The site is not finnished yet. In future our song will be on it.

Greatings Andre

Biokill said...
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Spondex said...

Hi Phoenix,

This record is yours for the price of shipping and package !

Spondex said...

Sorry too fast posting. Please contact me! I'm dropping records that i listen too little and i'll be pleased to send it to someone that will appreciate.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Le, Definitely interested. couldn't find your email address. You can contact me at

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my antivirus says there is a trojan horse in the ZIP. this is the first time my antivirus has warned me since i started downloading from this blog. careful.

Curious Guy said...

Dex, for all safety, I put up a new link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

awesome! im downloading it right now. i wish i could remember what the name of the trojan horse was. im using Avast just for reference.

Anonymous said...

Album rules! Thanks!

Sofia said...

Great LP!
Greatings from Lisbon

ray said...

ugh you have hooked up so many good albums!! i love it danke shone!!

all the early gentry is too good!