Monday, December 25, 2006

The Veil - Manikin & Heavy Heart

For those who liked the 'Surrender' LP posted last month; here are the 12"s that The Veil released.

Manikin 12" (Clay Records-12 Clay 39-1984)
1. Manikin
2. Dreams Endowed
3. Panic
4. Manikin (extended version)

Heavy Heart 12" (Amdusias International Records-AIR 001-1986)
1. Heavy Heart
2. Watching (The Nite World Work)
3. Is This Sin ?

The Veil


Unknown said...

Any chance of uploading the Manikin 12"? I had that years ago - but it disappeared during the college years. would love to hear it again.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Steve, the Manikin 12" is in the file and the link should work. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Curious Guy.

I now have my full The Veil vinyl records collection digitized.