Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Fifteenth

The Fifteenth were from London and Portsmouth, UK. I don't have much info on the band. This is their one and only release, issued on Play Dead's Tanz label. There doesn't seem to pop up many copies of this 12".
New Model Army is the biggest influence for The Fifteenth.
There is a promo leaflet included in my copy which I scanned and included in the file.
This one requested by English Paul. Enjoy!

Andelain 12" (Tanz Records-Tanz 3-1986)
1. She Isis
2. Marble Shire
3. Walk In The Garden

The Fifteenth


Anonymous said...

You just made my weekend. Thank you so much !.

CVD said...

I think, but I'm not sure about it, that Julianne Reggan from All About Eve.


Curious Guy said...

You mean the woman on the sleeve?
Wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

The woman on the sleeve is Barbarba Ellen - now writes for the Observer paper (and others I think) but originally started writing for NME. Was prone to a bit of Goth in her youth....

Anonymous said...

This is the band Jim (now Sean) was in after Look Back In Anger.

Anonymous said...

Great Band! fantastic bassist! i would love to hear more. do they have any other albums?

thanks for the music. ;)

Was said...

If I remember rightly one of the band was called Andy Scrivener (he was on the same computer science degree course at Portsmouth Poly as I was, but left after the first year). I booked them to play a gig at the Poly in 1984. Often wondered what happened to them.

wolflarsen said...

I have bought this 12 in the mid eighties in a german record store, because I liked the girl on the cover who was looking like my girlfriend this time.

A nice little wave classic!

Thanks for remembering this..

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a copy of their Snow Party demo tape? I have a third generation and poor sounding copy of it and would love to have a version of it I can listen to.

Anonymous said...

It is really incredible that group this good released only this 12" and one more song on Tanz records compilation. Great 12" , great sound .

Unknown said...

Hi y'all, Mick Mercer was pointing you in the right direction. I've been rather slack in following up Look Back in Anger/The Fifteenth/Splashpool stuff. Yes, it was Barbara Ellen on the cover of Andelain - photo-shoot in Hampstead - her mate Melissa did some backing vocals on "She Isis" Got loads of live, demo and rehearsal stuff from all bands on tape - not the greatest quality, kids, this was the eighties after all. I also did some solo/remix stuff as lbia/sof and a few tracks with Alec Pointon (The Fifteenth bassist).
Any further info, please feel free to contact me.


Btw: WAS - it was Simon Scrivener, not Andy.
Sean x

Curious Guy said...

Hi Sean,
thanks for leaving comments here and for making no objection to posting your music here.
Wish you all the best.