Friday, December 15, 2006

Breather - Loves And Disloves

Here's a great, dark and experimental record only a few people seem to know. Once described as a mix of Joy Division and Psychic TV.
I can't find any info on Breather on the net. All songs were composed by Robert Bolman AKA Bliss Blast. Breather was from San Francisco.
This album has also been released on tape with 3 extra tracks. Anyone out there who has them ?

Loves And Disloves LP (Sonic Incision Records-SI 001-1984)
1. Radiation
2. Maya
3. Embrace On The Summit
4. Melting Of The Guns
5. Behold The Power (Behold The Love)
6. Miami
7. Dank Ashes
8. Watching You Grow
9. Bury The Mystique

Note: these couple of tracks ripped as 1 track: 4 & 5, 6 & 7 and 8 & 9.

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amh said...

damn your blog is rockin like dokken!

at the risk of being one of those pestering fanboys, could you upload your shares with another site in addition to quicksharing (besides megaupload, i agree)? i have tried countless times to download your qs links, but the files never load. it's a damn shame.

well thanks heaps. keep the fantastic posts coming.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Amh,
I just tried and it did work for me. The problem is that my provider offers me a limited up/download volume so I can't upload limitlessly.
Just try again,OK? It should work fine but some moments of the day the QS server is too busy.
Hope you can get the music you want to hear.

Slobodan Burgher said...

thanks for this.

and yes it always works for me and i use both pc and mac...


amh said...

thanks, curious guy. will keep trying. it will be worth the effort.

Melissa said...

I just came across this Breather Record while searching for some Minimal Electronic albums at the radio station I DJ at. Its everything I set out to find tonight and more! I wish there were more bands like this....For some reason, for a moment, I was reminded of Dark Day....during the beginning of "Melting of the Guns."

artforspastics said...

I've got a copy of a cassette tape demo that was recorded solo by Robert Bolman under the name Bliss Blast in 1982. I found it for $1.00 at Amoeba Records in Berkeley and kept it as safe as possible. The tape came in a handcut cardstock cover that included scribblings by Robert plus lyrics and lengthy explanations about the inspirations behind the songs. He also encouraged that anyone finding the tape feel free to contact him and discuss the material, and perhaps even form a band together. He admitted the tape was somewhat of a demo for the sake of attracting co-conspirators in a band project. Hence, the band Breather, who released this album about two years after the tape. The tape exceeds the Breather LP in my opinion. It's varied in style but very original throughout, and it runs an emotional gamut from depressive lude jams to full-on manic raving.

skie_archer said...

thank you so much! i have this album on vinyl and i love it soooooo much and i had been trying to find people who know it. i haven't expected that i could find it on mp3! you're sooo kind!

anotheranonymous said...


Robert Bolman said...

This is Robert Bolman from Breather. It's been intriguing to see the attention that "Loves and Disloves" is enjoying over 25 years later. I still have a few of them left if any of you are interested. Email me direct at .