Monday, December 11, 2006

Five Or Six new link

For those who have problems with the Five Or Six megaupload link; I added a quicksharing link.
It seems that megaupload wants us to download their toolbar and a lot of people are suspicious about it. There are almost no free download slots available here in Belgium and it seems that the same problem occurs in other places.
I'll stick to quicksharing in the future.


Slobodan Burgher said...

I think you should as Quickshare works perfectly; no need for change.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Five or Six,
I had only heard one of their tracks before, if I remember right that was
on the compilation LP "Perspectives and Distortion".

Megaupload tried to lay the "all of the d/l slots for your country are
full, install our toolbar" B.S. on me too. I reloaded the page three times then had access.

People are right not to install the toolbar, then there are people like myself who have totally removed Internet Explorer from their PC,
so nowhere to install silly toolbars that probably are malware.

Anyway...a great album, so thanks

Curious Guy said...

Hey Sekhmet,
thanks for the appreciation.
Yes, Five Or Six are featured on that Cherry Red comp.
I personally use Mozilla to avoid all the spyware that comes with IE.
If you want to hear another Five Or Six track, go to The Thing On The Doorstep. They appear on one of those Rising From The Red Sand tapes.
I've got some more Five Or Six in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

thanx for your visit into my blog, ciao!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!! This is Nico from Madrid. Found you blog searching for the Anorexic Dread 12". It was great to find you and be able to get in hold of a good quality rip of that incredible record, until I get in hold of the original (if I ever come across one, which seems impossible!!) It's ALL great stuff what you post here, and also very very rare in most cases. I have a question... do you have the only vinyl release by a postpunk band from Bristol called FEUD? It was a MLP entitled TO LOAD BUT ONCE if my info is correct, containing 5 tracks. I have a lousy mp3 of it... no good, just plain acceptable if nothig else shows up... If you can help me to get in hold of an original or if you could provide a clean rip of it you would make my day!

Keep on with this mate, you really put great stuff here for all to know!!

Best regards,


Curious Guy said...

Hello Nico,
I don't have that Feud record. Sounds very interesting though... Will look for it.Someone mentioned it on the Deathrock forum, maybe it was you?
The Anorexic Dread 12" is indeed very hard to find. I was lucky to get a copy for 5 euro a few years ago in a local recordshop. I sold my first copy many years ago and had a hard time finding another copy.
Thanks alot for the appreciation.
Keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Here is hack to bypass MegaUpload 'country slots' and no need
to install their toolbar.

1. Install Mozilla Firefox Browser (if you don't already have it)

2. Go to

Download and install User Agent Switcher

3. Close after installation and restart Firefox.

4. Go to Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Options -> Options

5. Click on User Agents and then click on Add.

6. Enter the following infomation and click OK


Description: MegaUpload

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)


7. Go to Tools -> User Agent Switcher - >MegaUpload

Paste the Megaupload link to address bar and -> Enter

Now MegaUpload will let you access the file direct
because they think you have installed the toolbar.

7. When download is finished, Go to Tools -> User Agent
Switcher -> Default

Anonymous said...

hi,very happy to meet a person with (almost)the same taste in music.
it is my favourite blog.Unfortunately people these days don't hear this kind of music.
I have "polar exposure" from five or six and five or six - four from five or six (cherry red, 1982).If you want them i can upload them for you
(try also it keeps the files for 100 days so i think it is better.Also 4shared e gives 1GB free and never deletes the files)

Curious Guy said...

Hey Anon,
thanks for the proposition but I already ripped those Five Or Six records so expect them here some time soon. Really like the title track of 'Polar Exposure'.
I'll check those other uploaders. Never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

ok :)
by me the last anonymous
check my blog if you are interested.
I just published it.