Friday, December 29, 2006

Phoenix Hairpins on My Space ???

Well not exactly. But I came across these fanpages: one made for Twisted Nerve and one of Screaming Dead. Just want to let you know that it's not me behind these pages. The Screaming Dead page was originally called The Deathrock Stash and also had MP3's of Ritual, Breather and Look Back In Anger. The writing has been credited to this blog so that's all fine with me. If this can bring back some bands that sank into oblivion, the better. Just want to know who you are.
I want to thank Nuzz for putting up a link to my blog on the UK Decay forum and to Jon for doing the same on the Deathrock forum.
Also a big thank you to all those who leave comments and appreciate what I do. Some comments made me aware of other bands/records that I don't have in my possession, and/or which I never heard of. I will know what to do next year.
PS: I dl'd The Gift Of Tears/Mirror CD of the Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus from the Lost-In-Tyme blog but track 3(The Miller) from The Gift Of Tears is somehow damaged. If someone could provide me this track I would be very greatful.

Until next year!


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem, its all about spreading the word. Communication=Community.
Here's a link to my blog.

Keep on keeping the spirit alive.

Anonymous said...

hey curious guy! ;)
my name is Jon.(same Jon on I'm running those myspace accounts, i hope you don't mind... i think what you have here is fantastic, and i just wanted to share this through the myspace explosion! harm no foul?


Curious Guy said...

No problem at all Jon. Just wanted to know who is running those pages.
Are you planning to do more?
I can help out with the line up of the bands.
Screaming Dead:
Tony Mc Cormak-guitar,backing vocals
Sam Bignall-vocals
Mal Page-bass,piano,organ
Mark Ogilvie-drums
Twisted Nerve:
Craig Paterson-vocals
Norbert Bassbin-bass
Colin M.-guitar
Keith Hamilton-drums

Fritz die Spinne said...
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Fritz die Spinne said...

(I edited some typos on this)
Hey CG--love the posts.

I have RAOTIJ files.
They should all be good.

I'm on the Deathrock board as "Fritz die Spinne" and you can find my posts in the Bands pages easily enough. I'm new to thi blog acct, but have watched your music posts for months.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Fritz,
yes I already came across your name on the DR forum. You seem to have a strong interest in the obscure stuff.
About RAOTIJ: I know some mailorder that still sells a copy of the double CD. Will try that first. I'm not on slsk but I guess a lot can be found there. I prefer to share my music the blog way.
All the best.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Those MySpace accounts are now comig up as deleted...

Proxy 23 said...

somebody put the link on the UKDK forum? ;p
nice! I am on that one too.
and Deathrock forum I know the existance of it but I have no interest in being there.
Are you coming by any chance to the nxt UKDK community reuinion? on january (I think its the 24th) in Luton (obviously ;p) ?
it would be nice to see you there.
Last year was fantastic!
thanks for this blog its well worth it!