Saturday, August 04, 2007

V/A Anthems LP

An interesting compilation of international experimental bands who were asked to bring a version of their national anthem. Some of them are not the real ones. Spirocheta Pergoli brings a version of Liberia and 001011011100...Cancer one of Naon, although I never heard of that country.
Merzbow is quite different here than their usual noise assaults. Olho Seco is a Brazilian raw punk band and Prhemm brings a mix of the USA hymn and the URSS one. There was still a cold war going on.
The Trax label was run by Vittore Baroni, Piermario Ciani and Massimo Giacon and released besides a few records also some cassettes, audiomagazines and comics, but also organized exhibitions.
Another compilation album can be found on Mutant Sounds here.

PS: forgot to include a cover scan so I posted a larger one as usual.

V/A Anthems LP (Trax-TRAX 0983-1983)
1. Naif Orchestra - Fratelli D'Italia
2. Défecit Des Années Antérieures - La Marseillaise
3. P16. D4. - Aktion: Leer. Korn: Bier
4. Van Kaye & Ignit - Wilhelmus Part 1
5. Van Kaye & Ignit - Wilhelmus Part 2
6. Renaldo And The Loaf - Then At Iona Lanthem
7. No Night Sweats - The Gundagai Coolabah
8. Merzbow - Kimigayo
9. Olho Seco - Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes
10. Spirocheta Pergoli - Munrovia Sunrise
11. 001011011100...Cancer - Hodors Walley
12. Prhemm - UrsSA



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Anonymous said...

quite a gem and a welcome dive into my own record shelf :-) the renaldo & the loaf track is the best thing they ever did (in my ears)

G*WORKS said...

Absolutely great! Thanx for sharing.

Been looking for this one for years.

Just a note: Merzbow is not "them", he's just one guy (one rare occasions with some extra staff, but not during this time period ('82-'83).

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure.
Merzbow on this recording was Masami Akita and H. Kawagishi who played guitar, bass, organ, synth and pipe.

zyklon-boy said...

thanks a lot for this lp!

ps. Naon was an imaginary country created by the guys of Great Complotto

Anonymous said...

Thank you much! Do someone have "Anthems 2" by same label? It would be nice to hear too.

Curious Guy said...

Anthems 2 is the cassette version of this album with extra tracks. Don't have it sorry. Trax cassettes are extremely rare.