Monday, August 13, 2007

New links update

Here's a round-up on the new links.
I posted the Zor Gabor 12" completely as the 7" version was posted on Texas Jumblesales that is not around anymore.
I don't know if I will post a new link for the Blood & Roses LP as there is a reissue to be released very soon. Maybe it's out already.

Ausgang - Manipulate LP
Anorexic Dread - Tracey's Burning 12"
Batfish Boys - 12"s
Bogshed - Step On It LP
Executive Slacks - You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP
Five Or Six - Polar Exposure LP
Inca Babies - Rumble LP
The Midnight Choir - Kiss 12"
Release The Bats - Ever Pleasant Smile LP
Saigon - LP & 12"
Salvation - Girlsoul 12"
S-Haters - 7"s
S-Haters - 12"s
S-Haters - Come LP
Shop Assistants - 7" & 12"
Stunt Kites - 7" & 12"
The Deadpan Tractor - Grumble 12"
The Membranes - Crack house MLP
The Membranes - Pulp Beating LP
The Shrubs - 12"s
Vex - Sanctuary 12"
Zor Gabor - Tightrope 12"

Many thanks to Kevin for helping out. IOU!


Anonymous said...

hi, i seperated the Bourbonese Qualk tracks from the "Something Stirs" compilation you posted awhile back. i could mail the individual tracks to you so you can re-post if that's something you'd like to do.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Esse, I'm planning to post the 'Something Stirs' very soon. I'll leave the BQ tracks unseperated to keep the flow. Just need to scan the front sleeve again as I accidentally deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Please can you update the link to Vex-Sanctuary 12", have been after this for a while. Thanks.