Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vex - Live

Got these 2 live recordings of Vex from Keith who's running the great Running Riot In 2007 blog. So go thank him for it.
First one is Vex live in Camden, Electric Ballroom 3.3.84. The quality is quite good on this one.
Tracks are:
1. Pain
2. Shadow Of Beauty
3. World In Action
4. Pressure
5. Relative Sadness
6. It's No Crime

Get it here

Second one is undefined and the quality is so-so but die-hard fans will need to hear it.
Track are:
1. Tonight
2. Shadow Of Beauty
3. Pain
4. Pressure
5. ??
6. ??
7. World In Action
8. Relative Sadness
9. It's No Crime (cut off)

Get it here

Thanks Keith!!


hidden diaries said...

man, you have the best blog i've ever seen. how old are you and you have this great compilation?

greetings Kostas

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

Trying to send you a private message to say thanks very much for the stuff you are making available to people that otherwise won't be able to learn about such forgotten treasures. You might find something interesting in the list for you to publish in the blog if you wish to.

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

... it seems that I cannot leave a private message... here you go anyway...

The Factory - The Factory 12" - 1986

Hold Out (Extended Version)
Burn Me Up

The Factory - The Factory 7" - 1986

Hold Out
Burn Me Up

Secession - Secession 7" - ?


Children's Hour - Flesh 12" - 1982

Caroline's Dream
Go Slow
I Know Where She Lies
Slaughter House
Looking For The Sun

Children's Hour - Ya! Ya! Ya! 7" - 1982

Stuck Pig
Washed Away ...F. Nun

The Eternal - The Eternal 12" - 1985

I'll Jump And I'll Go
In The Rosegarden
The Far-Away Play

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

Feud - To Load But Once 12" - 1984

The Litter
Bo Bo Dolly

Leitmotiv - Carress & Curse 12" - 1983

(Living In A) Tin
A Meeting

Day After - Recourse 12" - 1983

Ticking Away
Inner Voice
Day After
The Virgin
Desert Of Time

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

Moskow 7" - 1982


Party Day 7" - 1984

The Spider

Odessa 7" - 1984

Dark Inside

Leitmotiv 7" - 1983

To The Suffering
The Gift Of Live

Leitmotiv 7" - 1984

Silent Run
(Living In A) Tin (Remix)

The Tempest 7" - 1983

Lady Left This

Cold War 7" - 1983

The Machinist

Modern English - Drowning Man 7" - 1979

Drowning Man
Silent World

Coitus Int. - Dead Excitement 12" - 1980

Trap Questions
Dry Up Soon
On The Escalator
Run To The Station
I Shouldn't Go

... all in a post-punk vein... let me know in case... if you know of any means to exchange a private message on how to upload these... let me know...

Curious Guy said...

Hi there, you can send a mail to:
Definitely interested in all these. I'm planning to post the Feud album very soon. We can discuss how to do this through email,OK? Great that you want to contribute!!

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

Ok! I'll send some links to your address!

Anonymous said...

Is there a studio version of Vex's song "Pain," featured on the "Live at Camden" set mp3 here? It sounds like a great sond.

VEX have been one of my favorite finds on your blog, as I'm a fan of Killing Joke, especially their '79 - 1983 period, and Vex have sorta nailed that sound in way others haven't (even Headhunters). For ex, the Vex song "No Crime" is almost note for note like KJ's great "The Wait," which also a big influence on Amebix.

Curious Guy said...

Oliver, Keith is planning to send me the Vex demo with the next tracks: Pain, It's No Crime and Pressure.

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

Looking forwad to hear the demo... someone told me there should be a 7inch out as well... but they could not confirm on that... really a pity that this stuff won't be reissued on cd... really sad...

Slobodan Burgher said...

Oliver prettywell summed it up. I adore VEX.

Anonymous said...

MERCI (zoé division)

storck said...

Hey, Coïtus Int.'s Dead Excitement record has been reissued!