Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ausweis - s/t MLP

Very first release of this French band. Ausweis play great postpunk influenced by Killing Joke. The quite short and more uptempo 'Gangsters United' show their punk roots.
Ausweis stirred some interest in the UK as the following records were released on UK labels: the 'Victimes' 12" on Chainsaw (label of Living In Texas) and 'Jours De Haine' 12" is the first release on Ediesta Records. For a complete discography, check the French New Wave site.
You can also watch some TV appearances on their MySpace page.
There is a discography CD in the works but that's already more than a year I guess. I hope it will be issued as their records are scarce and/or pricey these days.
This mini-album was released on cult label L'Invitation Au Suicide and contains a lyric sheet/small poster and a big poster.

Ausweis MLP (L'Invitation Au Suicide-ID 6-1984)
1. Eva
2. Berlin
3. Gangsters United
4. Ella Choice
5. Mecaniks
6. 1984
7. Phase Fatale
8. Murnaü



Anonymous said...

aaarghhh, would someone PLEASE post their 12" JOURS DE HAINE, pleeeeaaase
keep on keepin´on

Anonymous said...

Nice! As a Killing Joke fanatic, you remind me why once again this is one of my favorite blogs.

Incidentally, remastered versions of Killing Joke Lps from 1983 to 1986 are apparently coming out early 2008, with insane amounts of bonuses and Peel Sessions added on as extras.

Learned this from a fellow on the Killing Joke "Gathering" email list!

has details

Fritz die Spinne said...

Anonymious, check my blog....

Great to see this posted--I'd almost forgotten this band....

Weird Cheese said...

Oh thanx a lot for this one, I love this band!

(I really appreciate your blog, thanx a lot! I've got my one now since a few weeks with some rare stuff online)