Monday, October 01, 2007

The Batfish Boys - Head LP

Got this one in since this morning. Phil Long is spoiling us!
'Head' is the second album of The Batfish Boys. Less postpunk, more straight forward rock. Some people prefer this album than the first one and vice versa. Here's your chance to decide for yourself.
Track 11 'Amoeba Rock' is not featured on the album but is the B-side of the 'Justine' 7".

Head LP (Batfish Inc.-USS 106-1986)
1. The Whiskey Priest
2. Justine
3. The Gods Hate Kansas
4. Growlers
5. Fat Tuesday
6. Head
7. Love Pig
8. East West Turnaround
9. Gila Girl
10. (I Don't Wanna Be Your) Dinosaur (Baby)
11. Amoeba Rock



Anonymous said...

Thanks. Never heard this one. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanx for that album what is very good,but I still prefer first one and maxi Swamp Liquor.
Karlos,Czech Rep.

Anonymous said...

great stuff! thanks a lot for this gem.

robby said...

Thanks for the "Head" LP by The Batfish Boys Curious Guy. It's interesting to know what Simon Denbigh did after the Violets. This is more rock'n'roll although I prefer the March Violets. Cheers :)

DangerouslyCloseTV said...

I played on this album

Fat Reg said...

Here's a link to the third and final Batfish Boys album 'Batfish Brew' which heads in a more trad-rock/metal direction, but with enough Batfish DNA to make it worth a listen. Includes front and back scans of sleeve:

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!