Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rote Kapelle - 7"s

Here are the three 7"s that Edinburgh band Rote Kapelle released. The 'Big Smell Dinosaur' 7" is the first one and was self released. The other two released on In Tape.
Got a comment from ex-bassplayer Malk who was surprized to see people still interested in Rote Kapelle. And he makes no objections to making their music available for download.

Big Smell Dinosaur E.P. (Big Smell Dinosaur Records-SMELLY 1-198?)
1. King Mob
2. Evolution
3. Fergus! The Sheep!
4. A Gasfire

These Animals Are Dangeroos 7" (In Tape-IT 037-1986)
1. These Animals Are Dangeroos
2. Sunday

Fire Escape 7" (In Tape-IT 051-1988)
1. Fire Escape
2. Big Hole Heart

Rote Kapelle


Anonymous said...

Killer post!! THX and huge thx to the band :-)

Highlander said...

How could anybody not be interested in Rote Kapelle? Thanks curiousguy.

Highlander said...

Just a quickie to say I posted 'Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust (LP)' as commented.

kurt said...

hi. are you familiar w/ the band called Band of Slaves?
i saw their video back in the early 90's called 'eternity' and it was really cool.
can't find anything 'bout them anywhere so hope you can help.
i'm sure you'll like 'em..

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the first single again. Haven't dug it out of a record box for many years. It was indeed self released and the only reason for that was that we couldn't get anybody, at the time, to release one of our records. So we did it ourselves.
There was only 500 copies of these pressed and each sleeve was coloured in by hand by a member of the band. At least there were six of us to get the job done!.

Curious Guy said...

Yeah Malk forgot to mention the hand colouring. Must have taken some time, even with six ...

Ily said...

Thank you for the downloads!


jackmac said...

I remember rote kapelle.They did a John Peel Session. The man himself was very enthusiastic, but he wasn't sure how to pronounce their German name properly, but then neither were the band. They really had something. The singer used to take the piss out of everybody and everything.

Anonymous said...

Would be great if you could do a nice re-rip of this marvelous band ;-)

Curious Guy said...

Will try to fix it this weekend.