Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nervous Gender/Beelzebub Youth - Music From Hell LP

Excellent early Subterranean release. Beelzebub Youth were a mystery to me but is in fact Nervous Gender in disguise. Synthpunk should be the best description for Nervous Gender, although the Beelzebub Youth tracks sound darker and less punky. Before this release, they appeared on the 'Live At Target' comp. album. Nervous Gender started in 1978 and had different line-ups including Don Bolles of the Germs and Paul Roessler of The Screamers. Original member Gerardo Velasquez died in 1993 at the age of 33 and so ends the story of Nervous Gender.
for more info on Nervous Gender:
official Nervous Gender website
unofficial Nervous Gender website

Note: Titles to 2 & 5 are listed incorrectly on the sleeve. Correct tracklisting below. And I deliberately took the sleeve scans from one of the sites. Call me lazy.

Music From Hell LP (Subterranean-SUB 666-1981)
Nervous Gender
1. Monsters
2. Alien Point Of View
3. Cardinal Newman
4. Fat Cow
5. Nothing To Hide
6. People Like You
7. Regress For You
Beelzebub Youth
8. Christian Lovers
9. Exorcism
10. Bathroom Sluts
11. Pie On A Ledge
12. Push, Push, Push
13. Alice's Song

Music From Hell


Anonymous said...

Thanks CG, was wondering when you where gonna post this, i know I recorded it from you, but something was spilled on it and it sounds like a shool of fishes in serious distress.

Curious Guy said...

...but something was spilled on it...

Haha, probably coffee knowing you.

Unknown said...

thanks for this! I love this band! just the kind of herky-jerky synth-punk that brightens my day.

frankie teardrop said...

nervous gender have reunited in some form back in SF. i'm going to be digging up some goodies and information on these guys soon as well.

Curious Guy said...

Go ahead Frankie. Read that too about some kind of reunion.

Anonymous said...

man,this is good
johnny from texas

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many nights I found myself with a girl in a closet at a party with this playing in the background back in the day...

Anonymous said...

Finally! A friend from LA turned me onto this album (which he had a shitty copy of on cassette), in '89 and was lost in '99... until NOW!
LOL, I remember having "Exorcism" on the answering machine.. I always wondered why that Temp office never called back?
Thanks again so much!

Anonymous said...

Also, I own the Live AT Target album with NG, Flipper, Factrix and Uns.. I should download that to this site in return.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Matthew, enjoy the craziness of NG. Sure interested in the comp. as I don't own it.

H said...

Thanx for post it. NG was a very great and underrated band. Cheers from Mexico!

Anonymous said...

The band has just released A newly (2009) remastered and remixed version of this record as a limited edition CD-R. Available at the official band site: