Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trisomie 21 - The First Songs Vol. II MLP

Excellent cold wave with an experimental touch from the North of France. The title is a bit misleading as this is the 1987 reissue of their debut 'Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux'. Originally released in 1983 on Stechak Product (Guerre Froide, Norma Loy).
Other interesting records( which I could post later) are 'The First Songs Vol. I' LP and the 'Wait & Dance' 12". Never cared too much for the records released after these.
First Songs I & II were also released as a CD but sadly out of print.
Visit the Trisomie 21 website here.
For those who shouldn't know, Trisomie 21 stands for the defective chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.

First Songs Vol. II MLP (LD Records-LD 8814-1988)
1. Il Se Noie
2. There's Something Strange Tonight
3. Logical Animals
4. Coming From Darkness
5. Breaking Down




gone said...

hey up curious dont know weather you have the second tma lp but i just posted it if you dont
take it easy mate

frankie teardrop said...

i was about to drop a post on these gents soon, too. france had some stellar sounds brewing.

armeur H said...

French Cold Wave ! I love it !

Curious Guy said...

Me too armeur h! But there were so many bands in France that I don't know many of them. Would like to though...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry to put this here, but I don't know where else to go. I was wondering if you by chance had the Easterhouse 12" "In our own hands" or the "whistling in the dark" 7" single? I think I truly have looked everywhere for them, and nothing, aside from purchasing them which isn't really an option at the moment. They were a great political dark post-punk band in the mid 80's, you've probably heard of them. Just wondering. I hate to ask, as most everything else you put up is great to, but they are one of my favorites and I just realized there is 5 songs I don't have. Thanks very much and sorry again.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Mr. Adam, sorry but can't help you with the Easterhouse records. I'll be on the lookout.

illusion said...

i really love this band!!!!

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips, FLAC as well. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

Fixed! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Curious Guy
Awesome rips
take care Man!!

Jo le Bricolo

Curious Guy said...

You're welcome Jo.